About Avni

International Skin Expert & Consultant to Dermalogica India


Meet Avni Amlani. A true entrepreneur. Skin care evangelist. Editor’s fav skin spokeswoman. She is a powerhouse of knowledge in the world of skin care. She has always seen opportunities where others have seen only challenges.

Avni is always “up” for things that seem novel, different, interesting and sometimes impossible! Her intellectual curiosity has helped her spread and share her vast ocean of “skin care” wealth to India & beyond.

After successfully heading Dermalogica India’s Training & Education for 6 years, she felt a strong need to explore newer horizons. With this clear intension in her mind, Avni is now excited to take up on her next challenge as an International Skin Expert & Consultant to Dermalogica India.


Many visits to ‘parlours’ raised her curiosity into how basic ingredients were used to beautify people. She started off being hands on therapist, and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this job.
After gaining enough experience, Avni was all set to wear the hat of a salon owner! The salon was established for 25 years when Avni acquired the business in a prominent location within St. Johns Wood in London. Many of her clients were patrons to the skin centre since its opening and she managed to retain them till she sold the establishment in 2010.
Avni had a vision of turning around a run-down business into a profitable venture and succeeded as the client base multiplied tenfold under her ownership & leadership! The skin centre was renowned for its exceptional customer service and excellent quality of treatments offered.

“I enjoyed the multitasking role of being a therapist, to managing the business and training my team of 10 therapists.”


Avni has trained in London for her CIBTAC Diploma in Beauty Therapy and has more than 24 years of experience in skin care, Aromatherapy, Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling), Advanced Electrolysis, and IPL/Laser treatments. Avni gained mentoring skills, whilst teaching CIBTAC/CIDESCO diploma courses to aspiring therapists at a private beauty school in Central London.


First interaction with Dermalogica products and concepts was during her teaching stint in London. She has never looked back and is proud to still be associated with the brand as a Consultant. She shares and believes in the same philosophy as the Brand, i.e. “provide education to bring respect and success to a skincare therapist.”

“I instantly fell in love with Dermalogica’s philosophy of No Miracles, No Magic Potions – just focus on results!”

Why India

Avni wants the therapists in India to be proud of their profession and skills and have a professional approach, which is achieved through sharing of knowledge by established professionals and education. She is able to share her experience and spread the importance of continuous training to keep abreast of this dynamic industry.

“Better education for therapists creates an opportunity for better client education and
the combined effect is greater respect for the skincare professionals.”

She has observed that within India the level of skill required to truly treat skin professionally has typically been underestimated, undervalued and rewarded in part because the practice is misunderstood.

“It did take time, but soon after the therapists and owners started benefiting from the continuous training. Through word of mouth, mind set of many are changing and professionals are now appreciating the power of education.”

The Transition

Avni realized that after years of being a technical expert she has the right amount of knowledge, experience and expertise to move on to become a global skin expert!
Her views and opinions are perceived as being biased and Dermalogica centric, though she was always non-biased towards any brands whilst sharing information with editors and other professionals because of her position as an Education Director for Dermalogica India. Hence she felt the need for this change.
Focus & visualisation are two words that describe this transition well. Avni can visualize things clearly.

“Whether it’s the interiors in the home I want, a special cuisine I’m cooking or my new profile.
They are real to me long before they happen. Passion drives me to turn my visualisation in to a reality! “


Her experiences have reinforced her belief that skincare is not just about beauty, pampering, luxury, indulgence or glamour, it is a health necessity.

“I hope to bring the importance of understanding good skincare to a large percentage of population, where people take pride in looking after their skin and how it looks”

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